Purchase Policy

Purchase PolicyUpdated : 3/7/2017

TicketTT is here to provide you with the easiest, most comfortable, equitable and efficient ticketing experience. We provide the best and easiest way for you to find events you want to attend as easy and quickly as possible. We designed the following Purchase Policy to help you in understanding our system of ticket purchasing as well as keep your satisfaction as high as possible at TicketTT’s website and mobile application where this Purchase Policy appears, including, but not limited to our website and mobile application where we provide channel for everyone to re-sale and/or scalp their ticket (collectively called as “Site”). If you have any question regarding this Purchase Policy or other legal contents we have for our services, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Please be advised that any ticket purchases done on our Site is subject to this Purchase Policy. Please also take your time to review our Terms and Conditions which govern your use of the Site and Privacy Policy which governs use of information and everything regarding your privacy on our Site.


All tickets sold through our Site are stated in Trinidadian Dollars and/or US Dollars. We currently do not accept any other currency. Please make sure your payment method accepts either US Dollars or Trinidadian Dollars.   

Payment Methods

We accept several payment methods to accommodate your ticket payment. Currently, we accept payments made through Visa, and MasterCard credit card. As our site grows we will include other payments options such as PayPal, bitcoin, etc. Please be advised you are subject to payment method you choose to pay for your tickets besides this Purchase Policy and other legal contents we have.

You can refer to PayPal Terms of use here:
You can refer to Visa Terms of Use here:
You can refer to MasterCard Terms of Use here:

Who You are Buying from

TicketTT stands as virtual media to those who hold events, including, but not limited to teams, venues, fan clubs, artist representatives, leagues, promoters (collectively called as “Event Providers” or “Event Holders”).

If you purchased a ticket available in our Scalper Section, you will be purchasing the ticket from ticket re-seller who is not an Event Provider (collectively called as “Ticket Re-seller”).

Pricing and Availability

We sell tickets on behalf of both Event Providers and Ticket Reseller. It means both ticket price and seat location are not determined by us, but by the Event Providers and Ticket Re-seller. All verified tickets are sold through two distribution points: our Site and mobile application. Both these distribution points access the same ticketing inventory and system. Therefore, please be advised that tickets for popular events may be sold out quickly. Occasionally, we may have additional tickets available for particular popular events. However, we do not control both the availability and inventory of these additional tickets. Please check out our FAQ section for further information on this topic.

Similar to Event Organizers, we do also facilitate ticket re-selling activities under our Scalper Section. However, please be advised we do not set both ticket price and seat location for these re-sold tickets. Please also be advised that it is highly possible that re-sales tickets are often offered at higher price than original price you get from Event Organizers.    


Order Confirmation

After you purchased a ticket at TicketTT, you will receive confirmation number sent to your email. Please let us know if this number does not arrive at your email after your payment has been submitted to us or if you found any service interruption, including, but not limited to error message after you submitted your payment information to us. Please be advised it is your responsibility to confirm this confirmation number to us through your TicketTT account. You can also use Contact Us section to do the same thing. So we can know whether your order has been placed or not. We will be free from any liability from any monetary loss and/or likeness if you believe with valid proofs that your order has not been place because you have not received any confirmation number whether at your email or TicketTT account. 

Order Processing and Service Fees

Any ticket sold and purchased on our Site are subject to TicketTT ticket service and order processing fee. Please be advised these fees are set as non-refundable. However, we do not limit your chance in getting tickets directly from Event Organizers without paying any fee for our services. For listed event tickets, buyers are responsible to pay any fee that may be reflected, deducted, or included during the purchase process or from the ticket price displayed at the Site. For purchases in the Scalper Section both buyers and sellers are responsible for any fees associated.     

Ticket Limit

When purchasing ticket(s) at our Site, you are limited and bound to exact number of tickets you can purchase for each event (collectively called as “Ticket Limit”). The specified amount of this ticket limit is displayed during ticket purchasing process and verified with every financial transaction. This ticket limit policy takes effect to discourage any practices regarding to unfair ticket purchasing. We reserve full right and authority to terminate any order, including ticket without giving prior notice to you.       

Re-scheduled and Canceled Events

Occasionally, particular events may be postponed, canceled, or re-scheduled by Event Organizers. Please be advised any of these circumstances do not come under our control. Whenever this occurs, we will try to immediately contact you whether via email or through your TicketTT account and inform you. We will give you of any exchange and/or refund procedures. For complete information and/or instruction on particular event, including any possibility of cancellation and/or re-scheduling, please check the information of particular event, contacting the Event Organizers, or contact us.

Whenever there has been a cancellation of an event and ticket you have for that particular event purchased through TicketTT, our system will automatically issue a refund to payment method you used to purchase the ticket.

Whenever an event was re-scheduled or moved, the Event Organizer may set limitation on the amount of refunded money. Please feel free to contact us for further information, including if you want to issue refund if you believe will not be able to attend the re-scheduled event. At your inquiry, please make sure you have included your TicketTT account number so can confirm your identity, including ticket you purchased for any re-scheduled or moved event we have in our database.

Please be advised that if you purchased your ticket under Scalper Section, we are free from any liability to issue refund over your ticket. Please contact the ticket seller for further information about this.

Exchanges and Refunds

Before purchasing any ticket whether from Event Organizers or under our Scalper Section, please carefully read and review the particular event, including the seat selection of the event. All policies regarding the event set forth by the Event Organizers commonly prohibit TicketTT either from issuing any refund or ticket exchange after Buyer has successfully purchased a ticket, including for any stolen, destroyed, damaged, or lost tickets. However, please remember most tickets purchased online can be refunded within 3 working days after you completed the purchase. This must be more than or equal to 7 consecutive days before the event. This does not apply to tickets purchased in the Scalper Section. Purchases made in the Scalper Section are non-refundable. You are only eligible for one ticket to be refunded per one person per event.

If you purchased your ticket at discount rate, please be advised the difference between the discounted and original price is not refundable. You are also not liable for any refund if we found your ticket purchase has broken our Terms and Conditions. We also apply no refund, exchange, and/or refund any digital ticket download and/or festival/concert packages.

You hereby agree you will not circumvent, avoid, or evade any refund prohibitions in any possible manner regarding tickets you purchased through TicketTT. Without any limitation set, you hereby agree we are free from any right and/or responsibility to issue refund on your ticket when we are disallowed to do so by Event Organizers. You will also not dispute or likeness, including seek a ‘chargeback’ from particular company whose credit card you used to perform the ticket purchase.       

Should you refuse to do so, we reserve the right and authority to cancel your ticket and, in its sole discretion, we may refuse to honor any future and pending ticket purchase made from credit card linked to your account on which such chargebacks performed. We may also prohibit all people related to credit card you used to purchase the ticket to perform any ticket purchase through the Site.

If we decided to issue refund for particular ticket you purchased through our Site, due to postponed or canceled event, we will issue the refund based on its face value paid, including all service fees we applied to the ticket.

Billing Information Verification

We will only process your order once we have verified your billing information. Please be advised we can refuse your order, delay the process, or the delivery if you provided us with incorrect billing and/or credit card information we require for order placement. Under this circumstance, our customer service will try to reach you using Personal Information you provided previously to us. If, for any reason, we cannot reach you, we reserve the right to cancel your order and may sell ticket you used to want to purchase to another customer without giving prior notice.

Delivery Options

At TicketTT, we only provide you with a digital form of the ticket. It means there will be no physical form tickets. Due to this nature, we only offer two delivery options at this moment, either we send it to your email which address we get from your Personal Information or we send it to your TicketTT account.

Pricing and other Errors

If the amount you should pay for a ticket is incorrect regardless any reason that may cause the error, we are responsible to contact you immediately through your account or email. We will inform you that we will take immediate action in cancelling your order and refund full amount of money you paid for the ticket.

Multiple Browser Windows

When you are currently placing your ticket order through our system, please ensure you do this action with single browser window. Doing the contrary may result with possible loss, including, but not limited to ticket, time, or financial loss. We are not liable from any damage and/or loss you suffer if you open multiple browser windows handling your ticket order and payment.

Limitation of Liability

Balls, and many other objects may fly to your direction during an event which ticket you purchased at our Site. Please be advised injury can occur and we are not liable from any possible damage or harm during the event. You must stay alert at all times before the event begins, during the event, and after it ends. We recommend asking an usher for further directions to a medical station if you are struck with any object.

You hereby agreed whenever you suffer from any harm and/or damage before, during, and/or after particular event which ticket you purchased at our Site, you wave any claim for your personal injury or even death against management, us, leagues, facilities, artists, other participants, our respective parents, agents, affiliated entities, directors, officers, employees, and owners on behalf of yourself and any accompanying minor. You hereby agree you will bear any and/or all risks of inclement weather. Please refer to Limitation of Liability in our Terms and Conditions for further information about this section.

License, No Redemption Value, Ejection and Cancellation

Event Organizers reserve the right to refuse any ticket admission without being liable to issue the ticket refund if they believe you use abusive or vulgar language before and/or during the event and/or fails to comply with rules set by Event Organizers. Please be advised any breach of rules or terms set by Event Organizers may terminate your ticket you purchased at our Site, and therefore terminate your right to attend the event without any possibility for getting the refund. You hereby agree that your ticket is a revocable license and Event Organizers may refuse your license. A ticket is also not redeemable for cash.

Recording, Exhibition, and Transmission      

You hereby agree that event which ticket you purchased at our Site is public event, that both your actions and appearance done outside and/or inside the venue where the event takes place are subject to public in nature, and that you come with no expectation of personal privacy regarding your conduct and/or actions at the event you attend.

You also hereby grant us permission as well as the Event Organizers to utilize your image, name, acts, likeness, plays, poses, movements, appearances, and statements in any recorded and/or live video, audio, and/or photographic display, including exhibition, transmission, publication, or reproduction made at or of the event you attend for any unlawful purpose we believe as necessary. We may send you prior notification about this, but we are free from any liability from giving this prior notification to you.

You are Subject to Search     

Please be advised that you, including all belongings you bring to particular event which ticket you purchased at our Site, may be searched on entry to the event. You hereby agree to such search(es) and waive any claim that may arise regarding the search(es). If you choose not to agree with such search(es), you hereby grant the Event Organizers to deny your entry to the event without any possibility to getting ticket refund and/or other compensation.

Event Organizers also reserve the right to deny your entrance to the event if they found out one or more of your belongings contain particular object they prohibit to be brought to the venue, including, but not limited to alcohol, controlled substances, drugs, recording devices, cameras, laser pointers, irritants, strobe lights, containers, and bundles.        

Unlawful Resale of Tickets; Promotions

Unlawful or attempted unlawful resale, copy of counterfeit of tickets purchased at our Site is subject to confiscation and cancellation without any refund and/or compensation being paid to the subject. You are responsible to comply with all laws in Trinidad and Tobago, including in your place when it becomes applicable, regarding ticket resale. In addition, we reserve the right and you hereby grant access to us to restrict, deny ticket purchasing privileges and/or likeness to anyone we believe suspected as the subject of the crime and/or has not been in compliance with our policies, including, but not limited to Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Purchase Policy.  

Please be advised we do not have any resource and/or capabilities to guarantee the originality of ticket(s) purchased from any unauthorized third-party reseller(s). Therefore, we only recommend you to purchasing ticket directly through us, either at our website or mobile application. All tickets purchased through us should never be used for any promotion, advertising, sweepstakes, and/or contest purpose unless we grant you particular written permission to do so. However, please note that even though we may provide such written permission to you, any use of our intellectual properties, including, but not limited to our trademarks, are subject to our written consent.


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