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            Effective 7/14/2015 (last updated 3/7/2017.)


About TicketTT

            Welcome to TicketTT. TicketTT (“We,” “Us,” and/or “Our”) enables people from all around the world to promote, plan, scalp, and sell ticket(s) from and to any event. We commit ourselves to helping everyone create, find and share any event, big or small. We strive to provide the best medium of selling and requesting event ticket(s) online. We do this through our website and mobile application services particularly available through our domain, system, website, and/or otherwise we provide (collectively called as “Services).


Our Policy

            This Privacy Policy conducts our policy regarding information, including identifiable personal information (“Personal Information”), we collect from visitors and/or users of the Services (including, but not limited to users’ and visitors’ agents) (collectively called as “You” or “Your”), including, but not limited to:

  1. Registered TicketTT users who are event planners, organizers, and/or charitable organizations (collectively called as “Organizers” or “Event Holders”)
  2. Users who are willingly to purchase event ticket(s) to register for particular event(s), whether paid or free event(s) listed by Organizers on the Services (collectively called as “Buyers”)
  3. Other non-Organizers, visitors, or users to the Services (collectively called as “other non-Organizers”)

Under any circumstance, we will pay serious concern over your Personal Information and other information related to you. This is the reason we created this Privacy Policy. We strongly encourage you to read this Privacy Policy carefully because it contains crucial information about your Personal Information as well as other information that may be related to you.

            For any concern or question regarding this section, please feel free to contact us by using this link:


By using our Services or allowing someone to act on your behalf in using the Services, you comply to our use, collection, storage, transfer, and disclosure in accordance with TicketTT Privacy Policy of any Personal Information or other information we receive as a result of such use.


Information We Collect

            When you use the Services to interact with us, we may compile your Personal Information and other information we believe as important. The following section further discusses information we collect from you.

  1. Personal information

Organizers: We amass your Personal Information when you intentionally provide this information to the Services, including, but not limited to the moment when you signed up for access to the Services as an Organizer, submit contact form to us, give response to one of our Services, or user our particular Services. Personal Information we collect from you including, but not limited to your address, name, email address, and contact. Under certain circumstance, we may also need to collect your credit card information for financial purpose(s). However, please be advised that neither us nor our server or any server of any third party will store your credit card information. Per your credit card information, we may need to collect any information we believe as necessary, including, but not limited to credit card number, expiration date, billing address, and other identifiable information which are necessary for payment purpose(s). Furthermore, if you employ our payment processing services, we reserve full right to collect your financial information, including, but not limited to your billing account, bank account information, and tax-related information as they are required to proceed with the payment.

Buyers and other non-Organizers: We amass your Personal Information when you intentionally provide us with this information regarding the use of Services, including, but not limited to event registration pages, new account registration, event registration, submitting Contact Us form with inquiries, response submission on one of our surveys, or use of particular parts of the Services. Please be advised Personal Information we collect from you may include, without any limitation to, your address, name, email address, contact, zip code, and other personal information we can identify. Please be advised that we may also need to collect your financial information not only for payment purposes, but also other purposes we believe as necessary. Financial information we collect from you may include, without any limitation to, your credit card number, billing address, card expiration date, and other identifiable information.

In addition, Organizers are free to set up their own event, including registration page(s) whenever they believe these pages is necessary to collect any information they need from Buyers on virtual basis, for particular event they hold. These particular event registration pages still will be hold through our System in compliance with this Privacy Policy. Furthermore, any information Buyers provided to those particular event registration pages to Organizers will be in accordance with “Our Disclosure of Information We Collect: Organizers”.


  1. Non-personal information

Non-identifiable Information: When you use the Services, we may collect particular non-identifiable personal information (collectively called as “Non-Personal Information”). Non-personal Information we collect from you includes, without any limitation applied to, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, software and device characteristics, Internet Service Provider (ISP) Domain name, approximate geo-location, Services usage record, average usage time, and aggregated Personal Information we cannot use to identify you in specific manner. We collect this information by using various methods and technologies that cannot be used to recognize you. In addition, we also amass Non-Personal Information from third parties. Whenever we believe it is necessary, we reserve full right to combine this information with particular information we collect from you.

Accumulated Personal Information: In an ongoing attempt to give you better understanding and service than ever, of the Services, whenever we believe it necessary, we may conduct particular study on our customers’ interest, behavior, demographic, and other relevant information. This particular study may be analyzed and compiled on an assembly basis and any information related to the study does not personally identify you whether as individual or user of the Site. Therefore, the information is considered as well as treated to be Non-Personal Information under this Privacy Policy.


Our Use of Information We Collect  

  1. Personal Information

We use and collect user’s Personal Information in compliance with this Privacy Policy. We may use the Personal Information for the following purpose(s):

  1. Particular Reason

If you intentionally provide your Personal Information for a particular reason, we may use the personal Information you gave to us in accordance with the particular reason you gave it to us. For example, if you submit an inquiry to us by email, we will use your Personal Information you send to us to provide appropriate answer for your inquiry or solve your problem. We will also use your Personal Information to send our response to the same email address you used to send your inquiry to us.

  1. Use and Access

If you send your Personal Information to us in order to gain access to use the Site or any of its functions, we may use Personal Information you provided to us to give you the access you required, including but not limited to use of the Services or any function(s) at the Site. Under certain circumstance, we may also use your Personal Information to monitor your use of the Service and/or its functionalities.

For example, if you provide your payment information to us, including, but not limited to credit card or bank account information, for ticket purchasing whether as an Organizer or Buyer, we will use this particular information to facilitate all relevant purposes.

  1. Internal Business Purposes

We may use your Personal Information, whether we collect it from you or you give it to us intentionally, for internal business purposes, including, but not limited to content improvisation, Service functionalities improvisation, user study, Service improvisation, protection against user wrongdoing, enforcement of Terms and Conditions, account management, customer service, Services management, and our business management.

  1. Marketing

Your Personal Information may be used by us to contact you in the future for either advertising, marketing, or both purposes, including, but not limited to our event and service information we believe you will be interested, marketing and/or promotional material development and handover to you, advertising and content display off or on the Services we believe relevant to you and/or your interest.

Under particular circumstances, all Organizers should also understand we may use information we receive and/or collect from you, regarding Buyers (including, but not limited to information collection through Organizer’s event registration page) in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  1. Email organization

At TicketTT, Organizer is allowed to contact Buyers through our email system for their events, including past events. So, whenever the event Organizer believes it is necessary to contact you through our system, you will receive email(s) from our system originate with the Organizer of such event.

       If we want to use your Personal Information in any way that does not comply with this Privacy Policy, we will inform you of such anticipated use at the time or prior to the moment we collect the Personal Information or we will ask for your approval regarding to such collection.


  1. Non-personal Information

Because we cannot use non-personal information to identify you, we may use this information for any lawful purposes we believe as necessary.


Our Disclosure of Information We Collect

1.        Personal Information

None of your personal information we collect from you or intentionally provided by you; will be used for commercial purposes. We consider your Personal Information as vital part in building quality relationship between our company and you. Therefore, we will never give your Personal Information to third parties, including advertisers, unless we are enforced by the law to do the opposite.

Under particular circumstances, however, we reserve the right to share, transfer, or disclose your Personal Information with particular third parties, with or without further or prior information sent to you. Due to the urgency of this matter, please carefully read the circumstances as they are set forth below.

Business Transfer(s)

As we grow our business, we may buy or sell assets or other businesses. Under particular event of corporate merger, sale, re-organization, dissolution, or other similar events, please be advised Personal Information may become part of the sold or bought assets or the process itself. You hereby concede and agree any acquirer or successor to TicketTT and/or its assets will continue to have the ownership of and right to use your Personal Information as well as other related information in compliance with this Privacy Policy.


Affiliate and Subsidiary

We may also distribute your Personal Information with our affiliate(s) and/or subsidiaries for any purposes in compliance with this Privacy Policy. Our affiliates and/or subsidiaries will become subject of this Privacy Policy and liable to maintain the well use of the Personal Information.


Consultant, Agent, and Related Third Parties

Like companies in common, we sometimes employ other third parties to perform some particular business-related functions to keep the Services work properly as well as your satisfaction rate as high as possible. These functions include, without any limitation to, mailing information, fraud prevention, ticket fulfillment, payment processing, and database maintenance. When we employ another third party or company to execute such function, we may provide them with information they need to accomplish the task, including, but not limited to your Personal data.



When you purchase ticket(s) of an event, you agree to provide your Personal Information to Organizers of the particular event. All Organizers should be in compliance with this Privacy Policy in using user’s Personal Information collected from the Site as well as particular Terms and Privacy Policy the Organizers may have by their own.


Facebook, Social Media, and other Third Party Connections

You can connect your TicketTT account to your social media account or sign into the Site with your social media account, as third party services, such as Facebook and Google. However, please be advised that regardless Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and/or other legal contents these third parties have, we may collect, transfer, use, store, and disclose information related to your TicketTT account with these/them in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

For example, if you connect your account or sign into the Site with your Google account, we store your personal information, including, but not limited to your first name, ID, email, last name, friends list, location, profile picture, and address as they are displayed at your Google account.


Legal Requirements

We may disclose your Personal Information when it is required by the law, including but not limited to when we are required to give response to a request or subpoena from local, national, or international law enforcement, government or court agency) or when we believe disclosure of your Personal Information is necessary for law enforcement. Your Personal Information will be used for law enforcement, including, but not limited to the following purposes:

(i)                 Compliance with legal obligation

(ii)               Protection and defense of our interest(s), right(s), and/or properties

(iii)             Identification, investigation, and prevention against any possible wrongdoing in accordance with Services

(iv)              Urgent action in accordance with protection against threat over Services user’s personal safety

(v)                Protection against legal liability


2.        Non-personal Information

We may transfer, disclose, or share your Non-Personal Information for any lawful purpose because Non-Personal Information cannot be used to personally identify you.


Your Choices

            In order to support the functionalities of the Services, Site, or our legal action when it is required by the law, we may disclose your Personal Information to (without any limitation to) government, court, and/or third parties. However, since this Personal Information belongs to and come directly from you, we honor your right to choose action you believe as appropriate. These are available choices you can pick, regarding your Personal Information.

Limit Personal Information you provide

            It is under your full discretion whether to provide us your Personal Information or not. If you choose not to provide us any Personal Information that belongs to you or limit particular Personal Information you provide, please be advised that we may restrict your access and/or use over certain features of the Services, including, but not limited to account registration, ticket sale and/or purchase.


Opt Out

            You can choose not to receive TicketTT newsletter email, by clicking the Unsubscribe link at previous TicketTT newsletter email sent to you from us. Please be advised that once you unsubscribed yourself from receiving newsletter email, you will no longer receive our newsletter email. However, you may still receive non-newsletter email containing important information and/or update of the Site and/or Services.

            We strongly encourage you for not unsubscribing from this particular email. However, we will honor your decision if you choose to stop receiving important information and/or update from us. Please use our contact form at to send us your inquiry. By choosing not to receiving all communications through our system or from us, you will no longer get any important information and/or update on your account, particular event(s) you previously registered, created, or which ticket(s) you purchased in the past, including but not limited to any communication related to refund and scalping. We do not recommend you to taking this decision unless you want to leave the Services, have not purchased or offered ticket, are not currently organizing particular event which has already made ticket sale, and will have no need to receive any information from us.

            After you opted out for particular or all communications sent by us or through our Services, we still will retain both your Non-Personal and Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. However, we reserve no right to use them for any purpose, unless we are required to do the opposite, by the law. Please be advised that Organizers who previously have collected your Personal Information before you opted out from the communication, may still use the Personal Information to communicate with you in accordance with privacy policy of their own which is no longer subject to this Privacy Policy. Furthermore, they have no right to use our Services to communicate with you. Any communication method will determined by the Organizer at their own discretion.


Do not Track

            We do not take part in any “Do Not Track” or other similar frameworks that allow us to make appropriate action based on signals or other similar mechanisms from our users regarding the collection of your Personal Information.



            This Privacy Policy does not administer any Personal Information we collect through other methods and/or mechanisms other than Personal Information we collect through Services. Furthermore, this Privacy Policy shall not administer unsolicited information provided by you to another Site visitor or user, or us through the Services as well as any possible mechanisms, including but not limited to information displayed on public area of Services, such as demand letters, claim, new product idea or modifications for current products, and bulletin boards, and other similar submissions (collectively called as “Unsolicited Information”).

All information categorized as Unsolicited Information shall become subject of non-confidential information and we will reserve the right to use, disclose, reproduce, exploit, and distribute the information without any attribution or limitation.



            Please be advised the Services will collect your Personal Information through any possible mechanisms at the Site, including, but not limited to account registration, payment processing, event creation, and ticket offer. The collection of such information targets everyone who wants to use the Services and the Site, as well. However, if you are under 13 (thirteen) years old, we encourage you to not submit any of your Personal Information through our Services.

            If you have children under your protection, at this category, we strongly encourage you to guide, monitor, and assist your children while using the Internet and therefore, help us in enforcing our Privacy Policy by making sure none of anyone’s Personal Information provided to us without your permission. If you found proof that Personal Information has been submitted by a child under the age of 13 (thirteen) years old through our Services, we recommend you to sending immediate inquiry to us through our Contact Us section. Once we have received and analyzed for proofs you provided to us, we will take necessary action(s), including delete the information from our database and Site.


Link to Other Web Sites

            Our Service is the only subject of this Privacy Policy. In order to support functionalities of both Services and Site, some links directing to other websites may be presented at the Site. These links are now owned, created, and/or controlled by us (collectively called as “Third Party Sites”). All procedures, mechanisms, policies, and other similar processes and legal contents described at this section do not comply with the Third Party Sites.

            We are free from any connection and/or responsibility from any Third Party Sites which link(s) displayed at the Site. For any information, question, and other similar form of communications related to Third Party Sites, we encourage you to contact the sites directly. Whether TicketTT and these Third Party Sites are not subject of each other Privacy Policy and other legal contents.


Security and Storage

            We may store your Personal Information and any other information we believe as necessary in our self-owned database which is operated and maintained not only by us, but also our agents, affiliates, and/or service providers. In order to support all features of the Site as well as to provide the best use of Services to you, we will perform all steps we believe as necessary to protect all data stored in the database, including, but not limited to your Personal Information we collect through Services, from any unauthorized access, misuse, alteration, loss, destruction, and/or inadvertent disclosure. However, we must admit that there is no e-mail transmission, Internet, and even our Services which is completely free from any threat, error, and/or likeness. Under this circumstance, please be advised any email you received from us and sent through our Services, including information you send to and receive from it, may not be completely secure. Therefore, you should take all necessary actions to decided particular information you want to send us via email. This point should become your first priority when disclosing your Personal Information via the Internet.


International Privacy Laws

            If you visit, browse, and use our website or using our mobile application from outside Trinidad and Tobago, please be advised that you may send information, including, but not limited to Personal Information to Texas, United States of America where we place our server. We will also carry and process any information, including both Non-Personal and Personal Information in accordance with law(s) in Trinidad and Tobago, especially its privacy laws, and this Privacy Policy. Please be advised that privacy law(s) in Trinidad and Tobago may not be likely or same, under particular or all circumstances, with privacy laws in your country.


Other Terms and Conditions

            Your use and access to Services becomes subject of TicketTT Terms and Condition.


Changes to Privacy Policy

            As we grow and develop our business, we may need to bring change(s) over our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Purchase Policy. We reserve full right and authority, in sole discretion belongs to us, in modifying and/or updating our legal content, including this Privacy Policy at any time (collectively called as “Update”). Whenever we have completed an update of this Privacy Policy, the latest update will be posted at TicketTT website. Please refer to the “Last Update” date at the top of this Privacy Policy, as well as other legal contents we have. Under particular circumstances, we may, but need not, send prior notice to you about the Update, such as via email or through notifications sent to your TicketTT account. Update will be effective as the date it is published at the Site.

            Due to the previous reason, we strongly encourage you to periodically review our legal contents, including this Privacy Policy especially before you provide any information to us, such as your Personal Information. We updated this Privacy Policy at the date indicated at the upper right section of this Privacy Policy.

            Your extended use of our Services succeeding the effectiveness of any Update to this Privacy Policy embodies your explicit acceptance of the Update. If you cannot accept particular or all parts of Update of this Privacy Policy, your sole remedy is to terminate all activities related to the Site and/or Services, including, but not limited to browsing, ticket request, ticket sale, site access, and payment.       


Access to Information

            Organizers and Buyers may gain access and update Personal Information belongs to them we store in our server by logging into their account and then visiting the My Profile page. You can also send an inquiry to us about your Personal Information update, by using our Contact Us form. Once we received your inquiry and analyze your request, we will respond to your inquiry by taking necessary steps relating to Personal Information within 30 work days. However, please be advised, we may also refuse your request if we believe, under any circumstance, your request is unreasonable or if we found insufficient proof to support your inquiry, abusive, impractical, made in bad manner, sent repetitively, and/or would compromise particular information that belongs to third party.


Deletion and Retention

            We may hold your Personal Information as long as you continue using the Services. You may close your TicketTT account, but we require you to contact us to perform this action. Please be advised that even after we terminate your account, whether per your request or under particular circumstance governed by this Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions, your Personal Information may remain as backup or archive in our system. However, we will never use this information once you closed your account.


Contacting TicketTT

            Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question or inquiry about our information practice(s) and/or this Privacy Policy. Send your inquiry to or




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